• Follow all club guidelines, policies and directions
  • Wear a face mask for the duration of all training sessions
  • Communicate with all players to ensure they are comfortable returning
  • Separate and dismiss players that show signs of illness
  • Do not spit on surfaces or allow players to spit on surfaces
  • Encourage players to cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or inside of elbow
  • Do not physically touch players or allow them to physically touch (no high fives, handshakes, etc.)
  • Do not allow players to lay out, pick up or otherwise touch equipment that is not theirs
  • Do not allow players to share pinnies or vests
  • Ensure each player is observing all social distancing protocol through each training session, this includes no scrimmages or competitive drills (i.e. 1v1, 2v2, etc.)
  • Do not allow players to share beverage containers or food with other players not from their household
  • Do not train players indoors
  • Do not train players