U11G Dash Take 3rd Straight Tourney

October 18, 2015

Congratulations are in order for MFC United for winning their second tournament in two weeks!

In their first game Saturday morning, United faced off against Turlock FC Orange. The first fifteen minutes offered a promise of a spirited match, but as the game progressed; United took control of the field. 

With the United defense standing firm, the offense, with consistent and accurate passing, coordinated movement up the field, and was able to penetrate Turlock's defense at will, with a resulting 6-0 win. 

In the second game Saturday, United played against Orchard Valley SC Crush. Each time United scored, Crush answered with one of their own. Late in the second period, the United offense scored once again giving them the final advantage. 

In the early match on Sunday, United faced off against Vision 01G White. United immediately took control of the tempo, and continued to maintain control throughout the remainder of the match, winning easily 5-1. 

In the final match, United faced off against San Juan SC Spirits, a formidable opponent with a more physical style of play than most. In a physical match, United stayed focused and relentlessly attacked while the defense protected, denying them any opportunity to score. This was the toughest game of the tournament, against a formidable and motivated opponent. But at the final whistle, United prevailed 2-0 for the Championship!!! 

The team would like to thank Coach Soto, and our guest players, for another great tournament win.