Player Movement

Changing Teams / Playing Up

A request for a player to change primary team, age group, or team gender ... may be initiated at any time by the parent, the head coach of either the current of proposed team, or any MFC staff member.

Requests should be addressed to the Director of Coaching for evaluation.  

Due to conflict of interest, if the request involves a board member, then the Director of Coaching shall forward the request to the Club Adminstrator, who shall appoint a temporary 3 person Player Development Committee to complete the evaluation.  The appointed Player Development Committee shall not include any coach, manager or parent involved with the request.

The circumstances of each request are unique, and each request is considered separate from all others.  Factors considered during evaluation include:

  • Age of the player
  • Skill level of the player
  • Skill level of the current and proposed teams
  • Roster size of the current and proposed teams
  • Competition commitments made by current and proposed teams 
  • Parent's wishes

It is common for evaluation of requests to take several days or even weeks, in order to gather the necessary information to make a good decision.  The primary concern of MFC is the player's soccer development, which includes technical, tactical, physical and emotional components.  This concern generally leads to the player's placement on the most appropriate team that matches the players current development level.  In most cases this means placement on a team in the player's proper age group and gender.  Any exceptions made are considered temporary, and may be re-evaluated prior to each new  league season.

The Director of Coaching should be notified by email whenever a player quits a team/leaves the club; the Director of Coaching shall then notify the board of directors.