Player Movement - poaching


Soliciting of players from other clubs to tryout, attend training sessions, or otherwise consider playing for MFC (or vica versa) is considering poaching and is forbidden by Norcal.  Care must be taken to avoid intentional or unintentional poaching.  That is ... no player from another Norcal club should be invited to switch to MFC or informed of any benefits of doing so, or invited to attend an MFC training session by any member of MFC (coach, trainer, manager, parent or player).

MFC members found to be poaching a player in another Norcal club are subject to possible suspension or removal from the club.

Concerns of another Norcal club poaching an MFC player should be addressed to the Director of Coaching for further action, not to the other club.  The Director of Coaching shall then forward the request to the Board of Directors for review and resolution.