Food Booths - How To Apply

How To Apply

A completed Food Booth Application should be emailed to the Event Coordinator.

When multiple applications are submitted for the same event, highest priority is given to the team(s) that applied first.  However, to be fair to all teams, food booths are awarded on a rotating basis. This means once a team runs a food booth, their next application will be given the lowest priority.  Only teams in good standing (not under discipliinary action) are awared food booths. 

Based on the above, teams should not assume they have been awarded a food booth just becuase they have applied.  Once applications have been reviewed, teams will be notified of their acceptance, including any clarification of items they can sell that differ from their application.

 Multiple teams cannot sell the same entree items.  If multiple teams apply to sell the same entry item, preference is given to the team(s) with the highest priority.