Food Booths

Teams can volunteer to run food boths at club events, and keep the profits.  While they are generally a lot of work, the can also be very fun, and very profitable.

Food Booths - Requirements


A Food Booth Manager (one or more) must be appointed by the team to oversee the food booth operation, supplies and staffing at all times, and to be the point of contact for the club and the Health Department.

Staffing for food booths should be made available to all players' families, but all familes should not be required to participate.  It should be made clear in advance to all families how the food booth profits will be distributed (evenly, based on player/family contribution, bonus for the Food Booth Manager, etc).  Profits from a food booth do not need to be distributed to players whose familes do not contribute.

Food booths which cook or prepare food/drink to be sold:

  • must operate on a floor surface of concrete/asphalt or plywood (to minimize contamination due to insects, grass, dirt, etc.).
  • must operate under one or more tents that are enclosed on all sides by walls or netting (to minimize contamination due to insects, weather, the public, etc.).  Netting for up to 2 sides is provided by the club.
  • must operate grills and BBQ's outside the food booth, on a floor surface of concreate/asphalt (for fire safety).  Grills and BBQ's must be cordoned off by ropes or caution tape (to minimize contamination by the public, and to prevent injury to the public).
  • must have the health department certificate clearly visible to any patron. This certificate is provided by the Event Coordinator.
  • must keep clean at all times ... all cooking, preparation and storage areas, as well as all cooking and preparation applicances and utensils. The Health Department can inspect a food booth at any time without notice, and may order immediate correction of infractions, or immediate closure of the food booth.
  • Electrical outlets at the Woodward picnic area are not reliable.  While food booths may use them for elecrical needs (crock plates, warming plates, blenders, etc.) ... generators are highly recommended for electrical , and should be located at least 25 feet from the food booth.

The Director of Finance maintains a seller permits for all consumer sales, including food booths.

Teams are responsible for purchasing and safely storing/maintaining all food booth supplies.  The club is not responsible for the cost of any unused or unsold food booth supplies ... regardless of the reason, which may include:

  • Event cancellation for any reason
  • Food booth closure by the Health Department

Profits from awarded snack bars must be deposited into the team account within 1 week after the event (along with an accounting of the income and expenses, and meal tickets collected from referees/staff). Checks can then be requested as usual in order to use the funds.

Food Booths - Donations


Many area merchants donate food booth supplies.

MFC is a registered 501.3(c) non-profit organization, thus donations may be tax deductible.  Requests from contributors for our tax-id should be referred to the Director of Finance.

Food Booths - How To Apply

How To Apply

A completed Food Booth Application should be emailed to the Event Coordinator.

When multiple applications are submitted for the same event, highest priority is given to the team(s) that applied first.  However, to be fair to all teams, food booths are awarded on a rotating basis. This means once a team runs a food booth, their next application will be given the lowest priority.  Only teams in good standing (not under discipliinary action) are awared food booths. 

Based on the above, teams should not assume they have been awarded a food booth just becuase they have applied.  Once applications have been reviewed, teams will be notified of their acceptance, including any clarification of items they can sell that differ from their application.

 Multiple teams cannot sell the same entree items.  If multiple teams apply to sell the same entry item, preference is given to the team(s) with the highest priority.

Food Booths - Questions


Contact the Event Coordinator